Managing Bankroll to Avoid Online Sportsbook Losses


Managing Bankroll to Avoid Online Sportsbook Losses – Managing bankroll is one of the biggest factors that can help you win sportsbook betting games and reduce the chances of winning.

If you want to profit in the long term from gilabola betting on sports, then it doesn’t matter how good your picks are if you don’t use good bankroll management. In this article, I will share with you 3 great ways to manage your money.
Managing Bankroll to Avoid Online Sportsbook Losses

Constant Percentage Bet

This is the most common way to manage your money. Don’t make the fatal mistake that many “gamblers” make, namely risking your entire account or even half of it in one game. These types of punters are always refilling their accounts and losing money, handing fists for good! They are the city’s dream!
Instead, you should bet only a small part. Even 10% is actually too much because short-term events that go against you can severely affect your balance and further increase your risk.
Most pro bettors will bet around 2% of their balance, of what they can afford to lose. This may sound small but it is low risk and will allow you to realize your long term profit potential.

Dynamic Scaling

This is a further step from constant percentage betting. Let’s say you start with $100 in your account and you bet $2 per bet. When your account reaches a balance of $150, the $2 bet will no longer represent 2% of your total balance. You are actually not taking enough risk and your profits are less than they should be.
So you should increase your bet dynamically as your balance changes. In this case you now have to bet $3 each time instead.

Constant Profit Bet

Some bettors (not many) will instead walk away with a constant profit. So if they bet on a match with very long odds, they will bet less. If they bet on the hot favorite (short odds) then they will bet more.
They will do it in a way so that the win will be the same every time.
The downside is that the stake on each bet (risk) will be different for each bet. If you use this strategy, I suggest you set a maximum risk limit, for example 5% of your balance.